History of the Nonlinear Who-Is-Who-Handbook

Some old data are available here:

The History of the project:

2004, Oct 31st:
The new database collapsed some day in this summer and was now repaired again. Together with this, update forms for the data were programmed.
2003, Nov 30th:
A new database structrure was introduced to combine the date of the members of the chaos group with the other entries.
2002, Nov 11th:
The Handbook was moved to the Server of the Chaosgruppe e.V., the old addresses are obsoleted.
2002, May 23rd:
The database was switched from plain text files to MySQL. An extra domain wiw.ip-technik.de was invented.
1998, Mar 28th:
About 20 entries had incorrect URLs. I corrected them as far as I could. I added an Email and URL check in the script that takes the form data.
1997, Sep 12th:
I corrected some entries containing misspelled country names or fields.
1996, Nov 19th:
Unfortunately the WWW-Server-machine in Wuerzburg died at the beginning of the month. Fortunately I just had ordered a commercial WWW server with enough space, even for the Who-Is-Who. Today I managed to transfer all the old data and the CGI scripts here. Unfortunately there is no backup available for the changes made in early autumn 1996. You have to reenter your data. Sorry.
1996, May 9th:
After long discussions about the future of the Who-Is-Who-Handbook it still seems to be a administrative problem to reinstall it in Munich. Thus, the current solution is an installation in Wuerzburg ("where is Wuerzburg?") on a separate server running Linux. This server is maintained by the theoretical physicists and is reserved for the purposes of the Helmholtz Institute. I want to acknowledge Martin Schroeder from Wuerzburg for all the help he gave me.
1995, Dec 30th:
The new design is in a kind of pre-beta stadium. I use PERL and thus hope to have less troubles than with the mixed sh/Pascal/Fortran/C-Code. The data format remained the same (simple plain ASCII with prefixes to indicate the field).
1995, Dec 14th:
The local computing center Chaosgruppe e.V. started a survey of Nonlinear Research in Germany, Austria and Switzerland spreading 15000 questionaires over the Universities and Research companies. The result was a small handbook with about 150 entries.

Title of the old (1994) printed version: Who-Is-Who-Handbuch der Nichtlinearen Dynamik
Editor: Chaosgruppe e.V., Publisher: Kunst und Alltag, ISBN 3-88410-069-6
That german version covered only Germany, Austria and Switzerland but included also some researchers without email.

Dr. Werner Eberl